Product Types & Grades

Our wires are produced to meet the demands of various industries. With many years of excellence, we remain focused on providing the best to our customers.

Our Wire Products Classified by Properties

TY Metal manufactures quality steel wires to provide the best to our customers.
Our wire diameter ranges: 0.8 mm – 25.0 mm

Our wire products can be classified into different groups by the properties of:
Grades Condition Surface Finish

Our Wires Classified by Grades

Grades available: 302HQ, 304 Series, 304J3, XM7, 305, ER308, ER309, Y309, 316, 316L, 410, 410C, 430, 204Cu
(selected grades introduced below)
Types/Grades Group Family Description
Type 302 series  Austenic Type 302 series is the most widely used heat resisting and chromium nickel stainless steel.
Type 304 series Austenic Type 304 series is chromium nickel stainless steel. Type 304 steel is commonly used in sanitary applications.
Type 316 Austenic Type 316 has higher resistance to corrosion than other steel types. It is usually specified for industrial equipments that handle the corrosive process chemicals used to produce photographic chemicals, bleaches, and rubber.
Type 410 series Martensitic Type 410 series is always magnetic, and it can be hardened by thermal treatment to a wide range of mechanical properties. Type 410 can be annealed soft for cold drawing and forming. It is the basic type of Martensitic family.
Type 430  Martensitic Type 430 has excellent resistance to atmospheric corrosion and good ductility. Its scaling resistance is higher than 302.

Our Wires Classified by Surface Finish

Regardless of the intentional use, surface finish is an important aspect in stainless steel wire specification. When the appearance of the applications is important, surface finish is a design element and must be clearly specified. In non-decorative applications, the surface finish may have implications for maintenance and must be carefully chosen.

Bright Finish

The surface of bright finish wire is bright, smooth and beautiful. It is done by the processing of annealing. It has excellent flexibility and softness.

Oxalate Coated

The oxalate coated on the wire is a lubricant for subsequent processing. Oxalate is applied in a dipping and baking tank.

PC Coated

PC coated wire has water soluble coatings applied on surface by dipping and baking. The coatings act as a lubricant for later processing.

Our Wires Classified by Condition

The end usage of the wire dictates the preferred hardness. Hardness of stainless steel wire varies from very soft to very hard (spring temper), it can be accomplished with cold working to increase the strength. A combination of cold working and annealing can achieve a specific strength (e.g., a bendable tie wire would be annealed to make it softer).

Soft Annealed Wire

Soft annealed wire are drawn to final size and heated to remove the effects of cold working. It has the softest condition for extreme cold heading.

Skin Passed Wire

Skin passed wire also refers to half-hard wire or lightly-drawn wire. It's processed to produce a strength in the midway between soft wire and hard wire.

Hard Wire

Hard wire is also know as hard-drawn wire. These wires have been cold drawn to final size to approach the maximum attainable strength.

Our Products and Their Designations

Stainless steel are usually designated by the 3-Digit System and the U.N.S. Number System. Other systems are also used around the world. Below is a chart of selected steel types and their designated numbers under different systems. Our customers are advised to use these numbers when inquiring with us.
Classification Trade Name JIS No. AISI No. UNS No. EN No. DIN No. BSI No.
Austenitic 304 SUS 304 304 S30400 X5CrNi18-10 1.4301 304 S15
  304L SUS 304L 304L S30403 X2CrNi18-9 1.4307 304 S11
  304J3 SUS 304J3
  305 SUS 305 305 S30500 X4CrNi18-12 1.4303 305 S19
  302HQ SUS XM-7 S30433 X3CrNiCu18-9-4 1.4567 394 S17
XM-7 - 302HQ S30430 X3CrNiCu18-9-4 1.4567 -
  316 SUS 316 316 S31600 X5CrNiMo17-12-2 1.4401 316 S31
  316L SUS 316L S31603 X2CrNiMo17-12-2 1.4404 316 S11
  316CU X3CrNiCuMo17-11-3-2 1.4578
Ferritic 430 SUS 430 430 S43000 X6Cr17 1.4016 430 S17
  430F SUS 430F 430F S43020 X6CrMoS17 1.4105
Martensitic 410 SUS 410 410 S41000 X12Cr13 1.4006 410 S21
  420 420 X20Cr13 1.4021 420 X37

Our End Products with Various Hardness and Finishes

Annealed and Pickled

After drawing to a speficied size, it's annealed and pickled. Appeared in gray and has matt finish.

Bright Drawn

Bright drawn wire has bright surface that obtained by cold drawing. It's cleaned to have brilliant surface.

Cold Drawn

Cold drawn wire can be cleaned upon request. It has semi-matt surface. It has been lightly drawn in soap.

Temper Drawn

Temper drawn wire can have either cold drawn or bright drawn finish. It is drawn in oil or soap to achieve certain tensile strength.

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