Cold Drawing Line

Wire drawing is an significant step in manufacturing processed wires. TY Metal constantly invested in its machinery to produce the best precision drawn wires.

Supplying the Best Precision Drawn Wires

.Wire drawing is often referred to cold drawing, it is a process of reducing the cross section of a wire by pulling through a die or series of dies. Because of the increasing demands of wire properties, demands of wire drawing machines are also on the rise.

To supply the best precision drawn wires to our customers, TY Metal constantly upgrades machines of its drawing machinery in order to manufacture the highest level quality wires.

Our drawing machines including:

  • Series 600 vertical drawing machine for precision wire drawing
  • Series 800 vertical drawing machine for up to 10 mm wire drawing
  • Series 1300 vertical drawing machine for 9 mm-25 mm wire drawing
  • German 8-block straight-lined drawing machine for 1.6 mm-and-up wire drawing
  • German 9-block straight-lined drawing machine for 0.7 mm-and-up wire drawing
  • Taiwanese Series 400 8-block drawing machine for 1.0 mm-and-up wire drawing
  • Taiwanese Series 600 8-block drawing machine for 1.6 mm-and-up wire drawing
  • Multi-speed inverted vertical drawing machine
Taiwanese 8-block straight-lined drawing machine
German 8-block straight-lined drawing machine
Series 800 vertical drawing machine
Series 1300 vertical drawing machine

Wire Drawing Range & Tolerance

The range of our wires are:

  • Hard Wire: 3.0 to 25.0mm
  • Annealed Wire: 0.8 to 10.0mm
  • Skinpassed Wire: 0.8 to 25.0mm
    * Please inquire for sizes outside of this range
Description Diameter Standard tolerance
Annealed   Skinpassed Wire 0.8 mm - 10.0 mm ± 0.02 mm
  over 10.0 mm ± 0.04 mm
Hard Wire 3.0 mm - 25.0 mm ± 0.05 mm

Stages of Our Wire Drawing Process


Remove abrasive scale on the surface of raw wire rods.


Apply drawing lubricant onto the surface of the wire to aid cold drawing.


Because the dies are always smaller than the section of wire, we sharpen the wire ends so it can pass through the drawing dies smoothly.


The pointed end of the wire passes through the dies and enters a gripping device of the drawing machine. The drawing machine pulls the remaining of the wire to go through the dies. The wire's cross section is reduced and its profile shaped.

Finished Wire

The drawn products appeared a bright finish, with desired mechanical properties.

Multi-Pass Drawing

To produce the desired shape and tolerances for complex wire profiles, coils may need to be drawn several times. This process let wires draw through smaller and smaller die openings. To increase ductility and remove cold work, wires are usually annealed between each drawing pass.

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