Packaging Options

Wire coils require extra protection. We offer several packaing options for our customers so they can choose the best one that fits their needs most.

Packaging & Final Processing

We final processed the wires before sending them to our customers. At this stage, wires are tailored to customer requirements, which include:

  • Cutting the wire to the standard or desired length
  • Recoiling the wire into the requested coil weight from a larger mother coil
  • Applying a clear plastic film or non-woven cloth to provide surface protection for further processing by the customer
  • Special packaging procedure for additional requirements

Packaging of the Wire Coil

Wire coils require extra protection, for export, they can be supplied with heavy duty plastic pallet or other specified packaging.
Several options are available with our product packaging, customers are free to choose which one fits their needs best.

  • Wire coils wrapped with clear plastic film or non-woven cloth, not stacked nor on a stand
  • Wire coils not wrapped, stem-stacked on a tubular stand (returnable)
  • Wire coils wrapped with clear plastic film, stem-stacked on a tubular stand (returnable)
  • Wire coils wrapped with non-woven cloth, stem-stacked on a tubular stand (returnable)
  • Any one of the above, fastening on the heavy duty plastic pallet

Below are several sample packaging options provided for customers' reference.

Wire coil wrapped with clear plastic film

Each coil is respectively wrapped in clear plastic film, it gives the benefits of seeing the product through packaging.

Wire coil wrapped with non-woven cloth

Each coil is respectively wrapped in non-woven cloth to maximum protect the impact of handling and shipping.

Wire coils fastening on the heavy duty plastic pallet

Several coils wrapped with non-woven cloth and secured to a pallet. This provides easy moving and mass shipping.

Wire coils stem-stacked on a tubular stand (small)

Coils are wrapped or without, stacked vertically with a tubular carrier for easy reproduction. Inner diameter: 400mm.

Wire coils stem-stacked on a tubular stand (medium)

Wrapped or not wrapped, stacked on a medium size stand for the efficiency of handling. Inner diameter: 600mm.

Wire coils stem-stacked on a tubular stand (large)

Coils are stacked wrapped or without on a large stand for further production and easy set-ups. Inner diameter: 800mm.

Coil Inner Diameters:
1300mm / 800mm / 600mm / 400mm

(Inner diameters of wire coils in the order of Extra Large, Large, Medium, and Small)

Coil Sizes and Weights

Packaging of our steel wires are available in many forms. Here we provide information on coil sizes and weights (without wrapping) for customers. Please contact us for more details.
Wire Size Coil Inner Diameter   Coil Weight
  Soft/Skin-passed Wire Hard Wire  
0.80mm–1.40mm 400mm N/A 50kg–100kg
1.41mm–2.00mm 400mm/600mm N/A 100kg–300kg
2.01mm–6.00mm 600mm 600mm 100kg–500kg
6.01mm–10.00mm 800mm 800mm 300kg–500kg
10.01mm–14.00mm N/A 800mm/1300mm 300kg–1500kg
14.01mm–25.00mm N/A 1300mm 500kg–1500kg

Storage and Shipping

At TY Metal we carefully handle the finished products when they are ready for shipment. Storage and shipment of the wire coils can have impacts of product delivery, any indiscreetion can increases the likelihood of tangling and damage to the wires.

Caution are also used to prevent damage to the wire ends as they are easily neglected. When coils are to be stored for longer time, they are protected from rain and direct exposure to sunlight to maximize inventory life. Our principle is to minimize the risk of unintentional movement such as rolling, sliding, collapsing and toppling.

Maximizing safety and ease of product handling means minimizing the interaction between the wire coils and the mobile equipment that used to handle them. We attend to the details not only on our wire processing, but also final packaging and shipping so our customers receive our prouducts with satisfaction.

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