Inspection Lab

Our inspection lab staff advises customers on wire selection and process improvement to meet the industry's high standards of product quality and production efficiency.

Providing the Most In-depth Inspection

At TY Metal's inspection lab, our in-house technical staff performs various tests to ensure the quality of our wire is well controlled mechanically and chemically. Moreover, our technical service team, staffed by technologists who are proficiant in both wire processing and wire applications, provides advises on wire selection and process improvement to better product quality and production effeciency.

Our inspection lab is invested with the following equipment to perform accurate testings and examinations:

  • Micro-hardness Testing Machine (Knoop & Vickers)
  • 30 tons (300kN) Hydraulic Tensile Testing Machine
  • 200kg (2kN) & 2000kg (20kN) Hydraulic Tensile Testing Machine.
  • Precision Abrasive Cutter
  • Metallurgical Grinder and Polisher
  • Thermo Scientific Niton XL2 700 Analyzers

Micro-hardness Testing Machine (Knoop & Vickers)

The micro-hardness testing machine is to measure microscale hardness of microstructural minor phases, grain boundary constituents, plated surfaces and case depth of carburized or nitrided surfaces.

Our micro-hardness tester features:

  • Can be used in either Vickers or Knoop reading mode
  • Test load ranges from 10gf to 1000gf

30 tons (300kN) Hydraulic Tensile Testing Machine

Our hydraulic tensile testing machine can be fully configured for simple or complex multi-stage tests.

It also matches industry testing standards. This digital testing equipment enable us to perform high precision and accuracy tensile testings. Features including:

  • Machine capacity: 30tons (300kN)
  • Speed range: Max. 80 mm/min
  • Crosshead Travel: 500mm

200kg (2kN) & 2000kg (20kN) Hydraulic Tensile Testing Machines

The 200kg & 2000kg hydraulic tensile testing machines are designed specifically for determining tensile, bending, exteinsion, fold resisting, flaking, shearing and adhesive.

These advanced hydraulic testing machines performs high precision material testings and inspections. Capabilities including:

200kg (2kN)
  • Speed range: 0.1-500mm/min
  • Crosshead travel: 1000mm
2000kg (20kN)
  • Speed range: 0.001 to 500mm/min in steps of 0.001mm/min
  • Crosshead travel: 1000mm

Precision Abrasive Cutter

At TY Metal we ensure the precision metal cutting reaches the highest quality our customers demand. To produce accurate and repeatable results, our precision abrasive cutting machine is enhanced with advanced features, including:

  • Cutting speeds and feeds can be computerized
  • Operation is programmable for maximum change-over speed and set-up flexibility
  • Can be linear encoded to achieve the shortest lenghs and tightest tolerances
  • To optimize performance and eliminate delays, it's equipped with wheel inventory and selection

Metallurgical Grinder and Polisher

Our metallurgical grinder and polisher is for lapping and polishing our various wire materials accurately. This machine accommodates a wide range of flatness and sample orientation.

Its features including:

  • Variable wheels and speed heads
  • Timed grinding & polishing cycles
  • Pneumatically controlled polishing head
  • Testing material is quick-locking swing mounted

Thermo Scientific Niton XL2 700 Analyzer

Our thermo scientific Niton XL2 700 analyzer performs efficient and cost-effective screening inspection. This analyzer is equipped in our lab for toughest testing applications.

It provides quick and accurate results without the need of user input. Capabilities including:

  • Integrated with a camera for accurate positioning of analysis area
  • Provides immediate elemental analysis of materials
  • Suited for identification, exploration and screening of wire applications

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