Business Conduct Principles

We are committed to building relationships based on honesty and Integrity. These values help us earn the trust of people with whom we do business.

Fundamental Values

Based on our fundamental values, we are committed to building mutually beneficial relationships with every one we encounter. Our values are the declaration that compels us to listen, to act responsibly, and to consider the impact of our actions. All people at our company must make good, ethical decisions based on these values, they are:

honesty integrity accountability respect fairness politeness concern for others

Business Conduct Principles

To ensure all employees operate daily business in an compliant manner, we set up our business conduct principles. We require employees using common sense and good judgment to consider and evaluate a situation with the following guiding principles:

Principle 1 – Apply ethical judgement
Show honesty and integrity in all relationships and activities, respect the dignity and worth of all individuals, promote a culture where respect, accountability and fairness are valued, encouraged and recognized.

Principle 2 – Customer focus
Understand current and future customer needs; meet customer requirements and strive to exceed expectations.

Principle 3 – Encourage proactive thinking
Encourage initiatives of production improvement in an atmosphere of trust, coordination and cooperation. People at all levels are essential; their full involvement enables their abilities to be used for the company's benefit.

Principle 4 – Standard operation procedure approach
Achieve desired results efficiently with activities and resources managed in a manner of standard operation procedure.

Principle 5 – Continual improvement
Continuously improve the company's overall performance is a permanent objective of the organization.

Principle 6 – Responsive leadership
Leaders establish unity of purpose and direction of our company. They are responsible to create and maintain a work environment where employees understand what is expected of them and feel comfortable sharing concerns.

Principle 7 – Factual approach to decision making
Based on the analysis of data and information to make decisions effectively.

Principle 8 – Mutually beneficial relationships
Avoid conflicts of interest between us, buyers, suppliers and vendors. Our business partners and we are interdependent, the mutually beneficial relationship enhances all of us to create values.

Providing clear instructions for appropriate business conduct

Vendor and Customer Relationship

Our customers, business partners and vendors play a crucial role in our sustained business operation. We are commited to maintain relationships of mutual respect and trust with these parties at all times. With that in mind, we maintain intetrity and honest in all of our dealings.

All of our orders and contracts must be executed free of deception or inaccuracy. We make our selections of vendors based on the facts of quality, ability, reliability, experience, cost, schedule and availability. We never made decisions with unfair bias or other inappropriate reasons.

Privacy of Confidential Information

We appreciate the trust our customers, vendors and other partners place in us when they provide us with their information. To maintain this trust, we are especially careful to protect their information.

When any one of our employees is in contact with confidential, personal or sensitive data, they have the duty to handle it properly and in accordance with applicable laws. People at TY Metal are never allowed to share such information with those who do not have an authorized business need to know it.

It is our responsibility to act with integrity to achieve our goals

Safe and Secure Work Environment

At TY Metal, creating a safe and secure workplace is everyone's responsibility. We are dedicated to foster a work environment that is free of safety hazards and promotes the health and safety of all employees, visitors and customers, as well as the communities where we work.

To ensure our own health and safety, as well as that of our coworkers and communities, we not only comply with our own established processes and procedures, but also the laws and regulations that apply to our work. We encourage employess to be aware of any hazardous or unsafe condition. Any behavior that interferes with their safety or others, they have a duty to report the situation immediately.

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