Annealing Line

TY Metal's furnaces process wires in high speed. They eliminate the lubricants on the wire and anneal the wires to certain tensile strength.

Annealed to Achieve Optimum Results

TY Metal's annealing line includes three furnaces, they are state-of-the-art and process wires in high speed. These continuous wire annealing furnaces are essential in our production workflow, they eliminate the lubricants on the wire and anneal the stainless steel wire to certain tensile strength.

The temperature and power of our furnaces can be completely controlled. To reduce atmosphere, the furnaces are equipped with gas manifolds to allow respective control of each process. TY Metal's furnaces are also furnished with water-cooling tanks to facilitate temperature control and they require minimal maintenance.

Below is a glance of our continuous wire annealing furnaces.

Zoned for the Best Performance

Our wire annealing furnace is heated in multiple zones to fast heat-transfer to the wires and perform consistant temperature. The fume extraction system and covers are set up to increase safety and reduce environmental impact. Each of our continuous annealing furnace includes 3 parts:

  1. the combustion chamber, heated by 1 to 3 burners
  2. the waste gases that are guided into the entrance of furnace
  3. against the heat current, wires going through the furnace

Because our furnaces are equipped with a wide range control of temperature and speeds, we can obtain different wire tensile strengths. Wires that do not have to be annealed can also be passed through the foundations of the furnace. Wires we processed can go down to 0.8mm diameter with various tensile strengths acheived.

Fine Annealed Wires

Stainless steel wires are annealed to meet requirements with fine quality

Efficiently Operated Furnaces

In order to obtain the best annealed wires with consistent and precise tensile strength, TY Metal is established with the state-of-the-art furnaces. Features of our birhgt annealing furnaces are:

  • High wire speeds
  • Low operation cost and low consumption
  • State-of-the-art combustion & control 
  • Solidly built for long-standing production
  • Channels are individually adjustable
  • Easy operation — combustion chamber heated by only 1 to 3 burners
  • Approx. 40 to 90kg/mm² tensile strengths can be achieved
  • The entire heating cover can be lifted for combustion chamber maintenance

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