Production Process

With decades of experience, TY Metal has established a deep knowledge of wire processing and material specifications.

Precision Wire Drawing by the Experts

Different grades of steel can be formed into various properties with different processing. The production process affects the quality of the wires and application products.

Our production facilities and technical staff have exceptional wire drawing capbilities and knowledge from product specifications to flexible packaging. 

With decades of experience of manufacturing wire products, TY Metal has established a holistic knowledge of wire processing and material specifications.

We draw down wire rods until final product meets the buyer's requests for diameter, mechanical properties and surface finish. We attentively care for each step during the production.

Our Well-thought-through Work Process

An overview of TY Metal processing line:

  • Once the wire rod delivered to our facility, it's bathed into a coating tank and then baked in preparation for the drawing process
  • When the coated wire rod dried, it'd be put through a series of multi-die wire drawing machines to reduce the diameter till desired
  • The wire can also be annealed to soften it by fed through a furnace where it is heated then quenched in water
  • It may then be drawn again to the exact diameter required by the customer

Attend to Every Detail

The minimum diameter of wire rod supplied to TY Metal is 5.5mm, and we are capable of drawing wire down to diameters between 0.8mm and 25mm.

Main Steps of Work Process

Cold Drawing

The cold drawing machines have small-diameter dies. They cold-draw wires into close tolerances and improve surface finishes.


After cold drawing, the annealing heat treatment is needed to restore the material properties. This is done with a continuous annealing and quenching line.


With acid treatmen, pickling removes high temperature scale produced in heat treatment or hot working. It also removes rust from corrosion or contaminant iron of the steel.


Skin pass forms the wire into appropriate mechanical properties. It is a very light cold-drawing treatment that applies the least amount of reduction. The purposes of skin passing are:

  • Remove surface blemishes
  • Improve the wire shape
  • Achieve the desired mechanical properties

Final Processing

The final operations are where wires tailored to customer requirements, including:

  • Coil the wire to the standard or desired weight
  • Apply a clear plastic film to provide protection for further processing by the customer
  • Apply other kinds of surface protection of the coils
  • Special packaging procedure for specific requirements

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