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We provide specialized expertise of wire drawing and annealing with decades of production experiences. Facility ››

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TY Metal has earned the ISO 9001:2008 certification for its quality management system of all wires processed. More ››

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Our wire diameters and profiles can be precisely adapted to every customer's needs. Products ››

Est. since 1979

With decades of specialized experience, we are committed to produce the best stainless steel wires.

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What Customers do with Our Wires

To Make Cold Heading Wires

Cold Heading wires can be usd for making bolts, nuts and screws in construction or aviation industries.

To Forge EPQ Wires

EPQ wires are good for making bright-surface items, e.g. dish-drying racks and shopping trolleys.

To Shape Spoke Wires

Spoke wires are used to process tire spokes, especially for motor bike and bicycle tires.

To Process Redraw Wires

Redraw wires are meant to further redrawn into smaller diameter wires for high quality products.

To Produce Mesh Wires

Mesh wires are commonly used in making conveyor belts and wired/woven meshes.

To Form Nail Wires

Stainless steel nail wires are suitable for making nails for automotive and machinery industries.

Advanced Machinery

Processing annealed and hard wires in the grades of 304 Series, 316 Series, 400 Series, ER308, ER309 and more.

Manufacturing Facility
Our World‐Class Major Suppliers of Wire Rods

Wires Processed:

Drawing fine and precision wires in diameters between 0.8mm and 25mm.
Deliver optimal results from descaling to final processing.
Production Process

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